miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009

Show me your perspectives

How many fingers?

De sui90

Looking from diferent way got a diferent vision, the result could be four, five or even eight or zero!

If you can see four fingers and another people see more or less than you that not mean any one of your are wrong, all depend on perspective from you are looking.

Four can be a good answer like five, eight or zero, better or no than another one depends on you.

Try to look from every perspectives you can find and accept another's perspectives. Remember that your perspective is not the only one.

Every things got positive side and negative side, the people only see the negatives side when they got problems, and that is the easier and irrational way.

I mean...
Cualquier cosa que pasa en la vida tiene su pro y su contra, absolutamente todas, aunque algunas cuesta verla más que otras, y si

intentas mirarla desde otras perspetivas de lo normal te resultará más fácil de ver sus otras caras, y verás cómo uno de los resultados te alegrará.

Saludo, Good Luck !!

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